Monday, June 28, 2004

The unauthorized Biography of Dr.Bob, Diet Evil never looked so good...
DOB: No one's really sure, some people say he dates all the way back to the beginning - the "Great Soda Bang", some people say yesterday...
Hometown: Just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. But he never talks about growing up there, when asked where he lived as a kid he gives a stock answer of "You know, here, there.." When people say "No, I don't know" he usually says, "Just get off my back man, why are you grilling me......Damnit you stupid hippy! You just ruined my game of Jenga!" Then he usually kills them so people just lay off this topic in general, its a sore spot.
Likes: Giving belly-aches to small children, tricking people into thinking he is not diet and then watching them make a disgusted face when they taste him. Mayhem. Destruction. Unruliness. Boxers, not Briefs. Colorful Twisty straws. The "ladies". Jenga.
Dislikes: POMPOUS KNOW-IT-ALL NAME BRAND NON-DIET SODA! Cleveland, Ohio. People who ask him where he is from. Just about everything that is not included in his "likes" list. (sorry I've gone blank here)

Monday, June 21, 2004

Here are some Pics Of My finger AKA "Lil Rotten".
Nishi decided to name it that.

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